Review: i-mate K-JAM


  1. Windows Mobile 5.0
  2. Quad Band GSM
  3. 65000 Colours, TFT LCD Touchscreen, 240 x 320
  4. Slide out full qwerty keyboard.
  5. 200 mhz TI OMAP Processor
  6. 64mb SDRAM, 128mb ROM
  7. WIfi, Bluetooth
  8. SD Card Slot
  9. 1.3 megapixel camera
  10. Software: Office Mobile, and lotsa other stuff.


I have been using this PDA for more than a year now. I bought it because I was not comfortable with an only-stylus PDA and definately wanted a keyboard and touchscreen. The processor seems a little slow some times, however during those times I overclock it to around 300 mhz. Thats enough for most programs that run on the device. Its still a little slow compared to the same type of cell phones that are available today.

The voice dial is really good and useful considering that you need to use both your hands to operate the device with any decent amount about of efficiency. This can be partually addressed by installing shell replacement programs. I currently have a kind of a skinning utility called Pointui. This helps to use some of the features of the device without the stylus and with one hand.

The device synchronizes with MS Outlook and can directly download email from Exchange servers and POP accounts. Sound quality is really good and picks up very little ambient sound so that the person you are talking to gets to hear you loud and clear unlike Sony Ericsson phones where you hear everything except ambient noise.

Cost: Rs. 28500.00 (March 2007; Mumbai)

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