How I use my Mobile

Well… technically it’s not a mobile. It’s a PDA. Here it is below.

I have had the KJam for about a year now. What you see in the photograph is the KJam with a music dock / handsfree docking station from Mobile Brando. I use my KJam for a lot of things.

  • A mobile phone: The sound quality is actually quite good and I can also record converstions if I want to. The built in handsfree is also good, but now I use the dock as the handsfree.
  • Storage: I keep my frequently used office files in the phone. I think the memory is expandable to up to 2GB, but i’m not sure.
  • Media Player: Since I got the KJam, I have stopped using my iPod. No point in carrying both the things. So now I can listen to music, play videos and the like. I don’t even remember where my iPod is lying.
  • PIM: I keep a record of all my contacts, birthdays, meetings, anniversaries, to do items on the KJam. Since it runs on Windows Mobile 5, it synchronizes with outlook automatically, but now I sync with evolution on Ubuntu.
  • Internet /eMail: I check my gmail and other web based email on the KJam. Mobile internet speeds in India really suck so theres really nothing to write about.
  • Games: All the free / demo games that I can lay my hands on. My favourite till date has been Realms.

So that’s how I use my mobile.

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