Google Browser (Chrome) Beta Released

Google Chrome is out!

Released while I was fast asleep, this browser secretly hopes to take away much more users from Internet Explorer that Firefox could ever do (even though in their info comic they talk about cooperation and stuff). One more weapon for world domination in Google’s arsenal. They already have the content and now they have the browser as well.

I went through the comic a few days ago and the whole idea seemed right. A redesign based on what a browser needs to do in todays content rich environment and also in the days when phishing and spam sites are no longer an annoyance but a very profitable business. Like all new products from google, this will definately break download records and even more so when the Mac and Linux versions are released. I have just gotten up from bed at 8:30AM and I am now going to download and try the same.

So let me use it for today (on Vista unfortunately) and I will update later in the day.

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