Review: LG Plasma TV [42PG61]

I have just bought my first Plasma TV. A 42 inch LG set. Earlier I had a 21 inch Sansui CRT. So a big leap for me both in terms of tecnology and screen size. I am, so for, extremely happy with the purchase. In India this Plasma cost me Rs. 60000, thats about USD 1350. I got a better deal beacuse of the exchange offer going on where they take your old TV and give you a price discount for that.

Technical Specifications:

The Plasma is 41.1 x 28.9 x 3.1 inches in size. This is one of the thinnest plasmas available in the Indian market today. The Plasma come with a swivel stand and can also be mounted on the wall. The TV has a maximum resolution of 1024×768 px and a 30000:1 contrast ratio. Audio output is only about 15watts RMS. That really doesnt matter as its hooked up to the Home Theatre.

The TV features the usual input and output ports and also an USB 2.0 port. So the ports you have are, 2 AVI Channels, 3 HDMI Channels, 2 Component Channels and 1 VGA port apart from the USB. Most of it is behind the TV but a set is on the side also.

You have picture in picture so you can view inputs from all the sources together. The speakers are hidden behind the bottom relief. The sound tuning has been done by Mr. Mark Levinson.

This is the only Plasma in the Indian market that has a 150Hz moving picture resolution. This means that the TV has a response time of .001ms. SIMPLINK allows you to control more than 1 device with the remote provided with the TV. However if you connect any device via HDMI, that device can be controlled with the remote even if it doesn’t have the SIMPLINK logo.

The TV was not storing the picture settings that I was tuning it to. This is because when the TV is first switched on, it gives 2 options: Home / Showroom. If you dont choose Home at this stage, then the TV does not store any settings that are put in by the user.

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