Microsoft Internet Explorer 8

Microsoft recently gave us the second beta release of Internet Explorer 8. It has hardly been any time and the IE8 bashing is at full swing. The folks at have said that IE8 is a seriously bloated software taking more memory than WinXp does as a complete OS. The usual memory print being around 380MB. Compare that to Firefox that takes up only about 158MB.

They also say “IE 8 tried to choke the life out of the CPU with a massive 171 concurrent threads.

As always Microsoft’s products force the normal customer to upgrade their systems. IE8 seem sto be built for the future processors that would be multi core and will then be able to really perform, but in the current scenario where most home PC/Laptops are running on Dual Core, there is really no way to expect IE8 to deliver on promises.

Compare that with the latest release from Google, the Chrome Browser, and you have a software that seems to be going nowhere. A blog also reports the IE8 fails to render Google Reader at all. Hmm… Maybe a little targeted blocking from MS?

Security wise, the privacy feature doesn’t seem to be working well as reported in this article. In brief, they say that it is a fairly trivial thing to retrieve the cleared history and pages.

Wow… That’s a lot of bad stuff. More updates later.

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