Firefox 3.1 Beta Released

October 14th saw the release of Firefox 3.1 beta. With this release Mozilla wants to showcase improvements in the user interface and greater support for emerging web standards. This release was originally intented to come out in August but they released an additional Alpha before this release.

This release has some interesting new features. The most interesting to me is the new TraceMonkey Javascript Engine which Mozilla claims is faster then the V8 Javascript Engine of Google Chrome though not as fast as the Squirrelfish Extreme Project of Apple. Mozilla indicates that this may change soon as TM has a lot of scope for optimization yet.

Another new feature is the implementation of some Geolocation Specifications that allow users to pass location information to applications on their machine, a new thumbnailed tab browsing interface, addition of the HTML 5 video element so that the browser can handle playable content natively and also a private browsing mode akin to the one in Chrome.

I will be trying these out today. Onto the download site!

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