New MacBooks are Here


I am no Apple fan. I feel that in terms of computing, Apple occupies a niche that I don’t really want to be a part of (I prefer the Linux niche). But, of course I am interested in all that Apple does from time to time. Be it the iPhone, the iPods or the brand, spanking new MacBooks. I have always liked to play around with Macs. Not having owned one, is probably why I don’t have much of an attachment to them. But I have been reading and following up on the new MacBooks and I really like them.

The MacBook and MacBook Pro are here and they are set to impress. From the manufacturing process to the dual graphics chipsets. The entire enclosure is thinner and lighter. The case has hidden lights that are only visible because of tiny holes in the “Unibody” enclosure. The thumbscoop (to open the display) has more design hours put into it than Intel has put into the 2.0/2.4GHz processor.

The new MacBooks feature Nvidia 9400M graphics chipsets built onto the board. The 13.3 inch display uses LED instead of CCFL. Everything is smaller and more powerful and smaller and fits into the Unibody perfectly. Yep its a good thing. Read more about it here.

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