Review: IRIS Browser for Windows Mobile

Iris Browser

I have been using the Iris browser on my Kjam for some time now and I ahve to say that I am very satisfied with it till now. I really enjoy using this browser because I can do most things in the browser with just one hand and I rarely have to use the stylus either. Iris is available as a free download from Torch Mobile and I highly recommend that you try it.

It does take some time to load on my really slow 200mhz Kjam, but once its up, theres no stopping it. Running the application for long periods of time and with multiple tabs has always been a breeze and never given me any problem. Navigation is also easy and you can use the rocker keys or the stylus and move from here to there with ease. Multiple screen display modes means that if a site is not showing up as planned on the screen, you can play around with the display mode and make it better. In most cases however, you don’t have to do a thing!

It’s actually working better for me than another recent and hyped WinMo browser Skyfire. Skyfire just demands too much from my poor Kjam and just fails to impress with its speed. Since it is still in beta, I won’t say that it’s bad or good. But I don’t dislike it. I will looking more into Skyfire later.


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