Review: Kinoma Play for Windows Mobile

Kinoma Play, for Windows Mobile

Trying to manage your media on a Windows Mobile phone when you have WinMo5.0 is a real pain. All the players that I have tried in the past were just that, players of one kind of media. A player/viewer for pictures, a player for music, another for video, and what not. Its only recently that I have found a reaplcement for all of those and got a proggy that combines all of those into one.

Kinoma Play is what I had always been looking for when I didn’t really know what it looked like. What do you ask Kinoma can do? It can do everything that I have wanted to do including but not restricted to managing media on your device/storage card (pictures, music, videos) and making it searchable, search online resources like Flickr, YouTube, Google Images, SHOUTcast, US Radio and Yahoo images, use online services like Picasa or Audible or iDisk or SHOUTcast and much more.

Is that enough for you? No? Okay then how about some news through Reuters, or traffic updates, the latest online content, arts and culture event, audiobooks, business information, education podcasts, latest information on sports, government, NASA and Technology! Phew! I can’t go on, but Kinoma can. I am just overwhelmed. My only wish? I really wish mobile internet was faster in India. The only time that I can really use Kinoma’s full potential is when I have a WIFI source nearby. Alas, that doesn’t happen often.

If you have a WinMo, what you need to do is to go out and download Kinoma.

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