Review: Microsoft Recite

The Recite interface is very simple and clean

Microsoft is simplifying. They are doing it with Windows 7 and they are doing it in their mobile apps. At least that’s what I think. In any case that’s what is showing up in their new Voice Technology Preview, Recite. Microsoft Recite aims to make it easier for you to take down mental notes on your mobile device when you need to and then search through stored notes just by repeating part of what you said in the note that you saved. Pretty cool I think.

This is obviously different from the voice notes feature available in any mobile today, where you store and retrieve files and not your thoughts. What’s also great is that this little program is so simple that you dont need to use the touchscreen, in fact it doesn’t respond to touch! It’s single finger use all the way. Simple interface and no thinking. A specific application for a specific purpose.

So what do you need to do? Record your thoughts and then just say a few words of the voice note that you want to retrieve. Even if you don’t remember what exactly you saved or said at that time, you can just say a few words of the message.


But remember, this is a “technology preview”. What does that mean? It means that there is no support for this demonstration of Microsoft’s programmer’s abilities and you can send feedback to him/her by clicking on “The Feedback Button.”

List of recordings

I like this little software. I recorded 5 voice notes, with only one word differing. I was able to search for the note by using the one different word. I will update this if I run into any problems. For now, I like Recite.

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