Microsoft to Offer Free Upgrade to Windows 7

The folks over at Tech ARP have reported in an article that Microsoft has just issued a draft of its Windows 7 Technical Guarantee Program. In brief, the program seeks to stop the tendency of computer buyers to postpone purchase because of the impending release of Windows 7. This program will provide Windows 7 upgrades to users who purchased their computers within a stipulated time period.

The draft states that only Windows Vista Home Premium, Business and Ultimate additions will be eligible for the upgrade. You can read the original story over at Tech ARP.

I wonder what those people who are stuck with Vista after 7 comes out will think? I bought Vista Home Basic but my primary OS is Linux Mint. I wont really worry about upgrading. I am actually thinking of downgrading to a copy of XP lying with me, since I like to play some of the older games on my laptop and XP will be the best suited for that. For all else I have Linux.

Judging from all the articles and screenshots and the beta, Windows 7 seems to be turing out well. This will really piss off people who will again have to shell out a pocketful for buying the more tolerable Windows 7. I think that MS should offer a highly discounted edition of 7 for those have already suffered enough at the hands of Vista.

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