Review: Sony SAL 18-70 Standard Zoom Lens

This is the standard kit lens available with all the entry level Sony Alpha DSLR range cameras. This is an all purpose lens which gives good performance throughout it 18 to 70mm range. The increased range to 70mm (unlike most other manufacturers offering only 55mm), allows you to take good portrait shots too. The wide angle zoom is good and apart from a bit of barrel distortion that occurs, the image quality is superb. The 18-70mm translates to a 35mm equivalent focal length of 27 to 105mm. That’s a nice 4x zoom range.

I found the build quality to be good. Although some articles have rated this parameter as average. My reference lenses have been the Nikon and the Tamron lenses that I have seen and I felt that the Sony is way better than the Tamron and equivalent to the Nikon ones. This lens is great for auto focus work and rarely have I used the focusing ring, which could also be due to the fact that the focusing ring is fairly thin and Sony doesn’t expect it to be used much. The focusing is quick and the noise levels are low.

The movement of the rotating elements is very smooth. The zoom ring is nice and broad and rotates smoothly. The same is true for the focusing ring, although as I said earlier, it is a little too thin for easy usage. While researching the Sony A300 and this lens I found the review to start very well but then lean towards negative after a while. This is surprising since this camera and lens is aimed squarely towards the amateur and first time DSLR users. There is no doubt that this lens, for its price, sports good construction and features.

For its price this lens delivers more than expected and along with the SAL 75-300, this can be a great combination. A more detailed review is available at Digital Photography Review.

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