Would the Best Looking Linux Distro Please Stand Up!

I have been a regular user of various distributions of Linux over the last 3 or so years and on and off before that too. Having started with Linux more from a novelty point of view, I very soon realized that I could actually get my work done pretty easily on Linux and also not have to worry about a lot of issues that arise in proprietary operating systems. Today, I rarely boot into Windows Vista which is currently dual booting with my LinuxMint installation.

I switched to LinuxMint from Ubuntu because it looked and performed better than Ubuntu, and now I seem to be reading about some more fringe distributions that people seem to like a lot when it comes to having a Linux box that not only works great but also looks awesome. When I say awesome, I mean that when you boot your laptop in an area with other human beings around, there have to be murmurings of  “cool” or “wow” or “must be a mac” (just kidding). You get the idea right.

So I started looking around on google and came up with a few distributions that I am now going to try out. The first is Elive, described as, “Where Debian Meets Enlightenment” and the other is Good OS which is summed up as “Beautiful on the Outside” and “beautiful on the Inside” Both these distros use enlightenment as their default desktop and both of them look Super-Cool or Batman-Cool as I prefer the kind of cool that Batman is rather than the kind of cool the other guy is. Judging from what I have been able to see on the website of these distros, Good OS has the neat and clean coolness of a simple and easy Linux distro whereas Elive gives me the impression of being the more sophisticated one with more of an advanced user feel to it. Which I like even though I am not a Linux power user I do feel that I should be allowed to look like one at least.

So I am leaning towards Elive at the moment and since both of them are based on Enlightenment, I think I will give it a whirl first. This will be my first tryst with Enlightenment 17 (E17) and from the screenshots I am really exited about using it. All the articles that I have already read on the internet about Elive have confirmed to me that this distro is going to look undoubtedly cool on my laptop, and that is exactly what I want. Not to mention that fact that Elive is base don Debian so I should not have any problems in getting around the system either or using the few commands that I do use on a daily basis.

Expect a review soon!

Edit [30th May 09]: GoodOS has Gnome as primary desktop and not Enlightenment as mentioned above. Also, Elive has been a major disappointment. Detailed review soon.

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5 Responses to “Would the Best Looking Linux Distro Please Stand Up!”

  1. choke911
    April 29, 2010 at 10:13 PM #

    Isn't Sabayon the best looking Linux?

    It's buggy though..I never managed to install it in my laptop.

    • May 4, 2010 at 8:34 PM #

      "Very Buggy" is an understatement. Although it does look good. But i thought that there should be a distinction between good looking and flashy. Sabayon definitely falls in the flashy category.

    • Tourniquette
      February 17, 2011 at 1:20 PM #

      I actually just installed Sabayon 5.5 KDE on another partition on my Macbook Pro…Pretty awesome. Haven't run into any bugs so far, and though the GUI for the package management is pretty slow, the actual downloading and installation of files is super fast. Here's a screenshot of my current desktop: http://browse.deviantart.com/?qh=&section=&am

      So far, the system looks great, boots up fast, has no qualms with dual booting on a Mac, and the rolling release system has proven to be awesome! No more major updates, just go with the flow and fix whatever breaks (which hasn't happened with my Sabayon so far, even after 2g's of updates!)

      • February 17, 2011 at 4:42 PM #

        @Tourniquette Thanks for dropping by. That desktop looks nice. I did like Sabayon a lot, but the hardware support for my Artheros wifi drivers was a challenge. I feel like I should give it another try and see if its gotten better.


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