Elive Gem: Disappointing Luxury

Elive was the distribution I was most looking forward to using for many reasons. The screen-shots and video on their website looked awesome. The distro uses Enlightenment 17 (E17) as it main desktop. Did I mention that it looked really awesome! I didn’t even mind that you had to make a compulsory donation of 10 bucks minimum to download the distro. Everything went downhill from the start. The Live CD refused to start up even after burning at the lowest possible speed to avoid errors and using up 3 disks. Apparently, the distribution has a problem handing laptop drives and newer hardware. This was mentioned nowhere before downloading the OS.

But this is fine. I like rummaging through forums and finding the solution to a problem. Apparently the developer doesn’t really consider it worth his while to respond to queries in the forum. I mean what kind of moderator has only 160 odd posts on his own forum! This is turning into a rant so I will focus. To actually see the OS running off the live CD, I had to use Virtual Box. Even in the Virtual Box the whole process of setup is quite unlike the more modern distributions of today. The interface uses the non GUI kind of installer in many places and the partitioning, while it looks simple, failed to partition my Virtual Drive.

I really feel that the developer needs to be more involved in troubleshooting the distro especially since people have paid for it. Most distros that I know of show that they work and then ask for a donation. Tour below.

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