Magazine Styled Themes to Jazz up your Blog

When I look back on my online history, I realize that I really only started posting frequently after I was somewhat satisfied with the blog template that I was using. I am pretty picky about my working environment. Everything has to be neat and tidy and in-its-place before I can get down to any serious work. This applies to my blog too. Unless my blog design/template isn’t making me happy, I won’t get round to the actual posting part.

This is where magazine style themes (MST) have really come to my rescue. Since the design allows me to create little pockets of content and piles of posts and keeps everything neatly arranged, I can concentrate for longer periods on content rather than on the design… until I get bored of the design anyway. And then the cycle starts again.

However, I don’t look to changes my design as often anymore as MSTs allow me to change particular areas of the theme and make it feel like new by adding new functionality. This is what I really like. No overhaul necessary. I am sure that visitors dont appreciate the design changing too often and MSTs prevent me from doing this by keeping me interested.

A lot of bloggers are using Magazine Styled Themes (MST) for their blogs nowadays. These themes were originally used only by serious bloggers because maintaining these was a lot of work. But today you can find good free MSTs which require very little work and therefore, casual bloggers are also adopting them. The problem is that these themes require your blog to have a lot of content and not only that but also a lot of different content. Casual bloggers using these themes tend to lose focus in trying to keep up with the various sections that require their attention and hence really end up mugging the whole thing.

I had to actually expand my horizons and look to cover more of my interests in the blog when I started using MSTs. So a MST may also motivate a casual blogger to upgrade and become a more not so casual blogger. It may also motivate them to explore new topics to post about and new place to write about. At the end of the day, of course, I think that a blogger has to find their niche and focus. I am hoping to focus on what the tagline of my blogs depicts, and hopefully broadening the topics will add more depth to each category.

Unfortunately… this may also mean that I might be tempted towards overhauling my design again. I need new Magazine Styled Themes people, so please make more as I am quickly running out of options.

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