Granular Linux

Granular has been my first successful tryst with KDE and E17. I have never been a fan of KDE and really didn’t like it this time either. Enlightenment is a different story altogether. It is slick and light and just so different that you actually feel that you are using a different OS. Although there is a slight learning curve to E17 and there is a lot of tweaking to make it look and feel exactly like you want it to. My first tryst with E17 was quite disappointing mostly because of the fact that I has used it on Elive.

I used Granular for a few day but I really couldn’t get myself to work on it as productively as I was used to so I went back to Linux Mint, which is still my top recommendation for not only first time linux users but also for pros. What follows is a screenshot tour of the Granular linux install and features.

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