Get Microsoft to Fund Linux

Its always fun to see big corporations funding open source and free software. Whether they do this willingly or unwillingly really doesn’t matter as long as your favourite open source/free project gets a nice donation. It makes you feel like you have achieved a little victory for the open source/free movement.

A lot of people may not know that it is quite possible for you to do the above mentioned benevolent act, with just a little bit of perseverance and patience. I read a post on the blog on my favourite Linux distribution, Linux Mint, and just had to share the information provided in the posting. The posting is about how Graeme Corbbett got a refund for choosing to reject the Windows operating system installed on his newly purchased Dell laptop. On getting the refund, he went ahead and donated the amount refunded to him to his favourite Linux distribution, Linux Mint.

The post is not only funny to read but also gives a really nice and calm way to deal with the usual delaying tactics used by the representatives of big companies to make us feel like we don’t know what we are taking about. While I don’t know whether this will work in India, I would urge anyone who can, to at least try. When I buy my next laptop I will try this after comparing the EULA.

This is the post on the Linux Mint blog with the text of the letter sent by Graeme Corrbett.

This is the post on with a longer and more detailed description and procedure plus tips and tricks, though it is a little old.

Let me know if anyone has any success.

Update: To reject the Windows 7 EULA do NOT boot the computer. There is no “Reject” button, only an “Agree” button. Go through this article on Silicon Alley Insider.

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