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Data entry on my touch screen only phone can be a pain sometimes. Unfortunately the Samsung Spica’s on screen keyboard is not as good as the iPhone’s. The on screen keyboard lacks the speed that I would want and my stubby fingers don’t help. Text entry in portrait mode was a real task since the buttons became quite small. Although over time I learned to use the on screen keyboard with great accuracy, there were always times when I didnt feel like answering a mail or posting a tweet or updating my FB status since I felt that I would have to concentrate too hard at it.

I had signed up for the Swype beta a long time ago. At that time I had a Windows Mobile phone, the imate KJam. I got a mail from the Swype guys that their beta for Android was ready to download a couple of weeks ago. (Sorry guys. The beta program appears to be closed for the time being.) I had waited for what Swype had to offer for quite some time. I had read all the articles and seen all the early videos on YouTube.

All I can say is, nothing even comes close to the awesome experience that Swype can provide for touch screen only phones. The only thing  that beats Swype is a physical keyboard.

As I mentioned before, I have stubby fingers. I need a keyboard for my Android phone that was forgiving and accurate at the same time. Swype is able to deliver exactly that. You can even choose the amount of  leniency that the software shows towards you from the settings. Once installed on the phone, I have not looked at the other keyboards available for the Android platform even once.

With Swype, data entry is as natural as it can get. You dont need to go tap-tap on the screen any more. Just 1 tap and then in a single motion, you move your fingers across to the rest of the letters of the word you need to input. Swyp also takes care of automatic capitalization, symbols and punctuation. You can catch the videos of Swype in action on the Swype website or YouTube.

Swype is still in beta and it is mentioned on their website that there are some features that require OEM integration. I don’t know what those might be, since the keyboard works really well already. This is a must have for your Android device.

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