Bandwidth Exceeded

I have been maintaining this website for a few years now and never have I faced the problem of going over bandwidth. However, between yesterday and today, my website was overwhelmed with traffic owing to a combination of a comment on Lifehacker and the online frenzy that has been seen in people trying to find April Fool’s easter eggs in all our favourite online haunts.

Around afternoon of the 1st of April I found the 3D view feature appearing in Street View in Google Maps. Obviously I went ahead and put up a post about it with a few screenshots, in case the feature was going to be short lived. After that, I commented on a post at Lifehacker which was also looking at the various April Fool’s easter eggs that were being discovered all over the web. That post had a link to my article [my attempt to increase views of my post :-)], which brought so much traffic to my humble website that my very limited hosting plan couldn’t handle it. I went 6GB over the allowed 10GB monthly bandwidth. The site went down till I bought some additional bandwidth for the month.

So that’s what expectations from an event and a comment on Lifehacker can do to your website’s traffic. Nice!

A few picturisations of what happened.

Excess bandwidth shown by CPanel

Anaytics shows the jump in traffic

Its all from the Lifehacker comment


2 Responses to “Bandwidth Exceeded”

  1. April 4, 2010 at 4:39 AM #

    4725 hits isn't that much. I just ran your page through Firebug, and YSlow has a few ideas as to why you're sucking up so much bandwidth per pageview.

    • April 4, 2010 at 5:25 AM #

      @Johnny Its more than what my website has ever seen, so, yeah its a lot. ANyway I sorted the bandwidth issue by removing the images from the page and linking to them from Picasa. Seems to be working now. There isnt much else on the page and the database calls are also very less (I am told)

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