Android Quick Tip – Contact Operations

Due to the so called “fragmentation” in the Android OS, there has always been a lack of documentation related to any particular version of Android. This means that if the manufacturer of your phone doesn’t tell you about it, you will probably miss out on using a lot of features that are present in the OS. One of these useful little features is the Contacts context menu. This menu is available when you click on the Icon for any contact in your phone book and it lists out all the actions that are readily possible on that contact without having to go into the contact details page itself.

Clicking on the icon for a contact brings up this actions menu

You can call any of the numbers listed in the contact, view the contact, send a text message, send a mail, chat and see the contacts location on Maps. These options are populated based upon the information available in the contact’s details page. So if the contact is using Latitude and has shared their location, you will see the Maps icon in this menu.

This menu is not restricted to just your contacts area, wherever you see the contacts icon with the little line at the bottom of the icon, you can bring up this actions menu. This also works in most apps where the contacts may be displayed with the icon.

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