Paid Apps Available in India on Android Market, Auto Updates

As of 12:30 PM India time, I have paid apps showing up in the Android Market in India.

This has been rumoured on various sites like Android Central and, and was expected to launch over the next couple of weeks. Well, Christmas seems to have come early depending on which way you look at it. I know enough people who have been waiting to get their hands on that one or two or ten choice paid Android Apps that were beyond their reach till just now. I hope that this isn’t just part of the testing and that all Android phones can see this. Confirm in the comments if you can.

Paid apps in the Android Market in India

Whats the exchange rate being used you ask? Looks to be INR 44.575 to a USD. That’s not bad in my opinion. Finally we can say that Google is serious about letting developers make money on their apps. Maybe now we will see the really nice apps come to the market and the overall quality of apps going up.

Also related to the availability of paid apps is the update of the Android Market as a whole. The “Allow Automatic Updating” feature has also been enabled in the market and you can now choose which of your apps you would updated as and when an update arrives. The “Comments” section has also been moved to a new tab in the application description page. Now instead of just showing a few comments and a more link, the new tab shows all the comments.

Automatic updating of apps has been enabled with an update to the Android market in India

The Comments section has been given its own tab

The Comments section has been given its own tab

Update: My wife uses an unlocked Huawei U8100 brought to India from Canada. Paid apps are not enabled in that device. Anyone have any idea if the country of purchase makes a difference at all? Does Canada have paid apps in the Android Market?

Update: paid apps are showing up in my wife’s phone too although the “Top Paid” filter is not appearing in the market. The apps do show up in the listing and in searches.

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  1. October 5, 2010 at 8:32 PM #

    I can see paid apps on my phone

    • October 6, 2010 at 2:13 AM #

      Did you only see today or were they available earlier too?

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