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If there is one web service that is constantly open in my browser, it is Google Reader. Considering that I depend on the feeds in Google Reader for all that is going on in the various worlds of all the topics that I am interested in, Google Reader is always open. The downside to this dependence was that when you are on vacation and unable to access Google Reader over the period of a few days, things really pile up.

It becomes impossible to go through the number of news items there are without making a few sacrifices. You either stop doing what you have planned to do and focus on going through the feeds till you reach a respectable number of unread items, or you choose to ignore feed items older than a certain time period and miss out on potentially interesting news items.

Addressing this backlog is very easy though. Get an app on your phone that connects to Google Reader and read all the feed items on your phone. Your phone is always going to be with you, right? Unfortunately, there was, till now, a serious dearth of apps that performed this function really well. From the first day that I have had my Android phone, I have always wondered why Google hasn’t made an app for Google Reader. There are other apps of course. I have tried 6 or 7 of them and also the Google Reader mobile site. In a country like India (where there is no 3G) you need apps optimized to work with particular services rather than try and access the mobile versions of those services in the phone’s browser.

The Google Reader app for Android was just so long overdue that I had almost given up on it. However, it is here, and it is (more or less) exactly what I need. It looks clean, it works fast and shows me all the required details. It is customizable and is definitely something that you should have on your Android phone. Enjoy the screenshot tour below and please feel free to comment on what you like and what you don’t.

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What I would really like Google to add to the Google Reader app is the way it handles images in the posts. The images should automatically resize to fit the screen both in portrait and in landscape views. Apart from that, I think whatever else they add to this, will be a bonus.

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