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I used to think that I only needed a simple note taking app on my android phone. A standalone app that would allow me to quickly create text notes and checklists that I could refer to when I needed. I was wrong.

What I really needed was Springpad. The app that met my basic requirements was ColorNote. I really liked this app since it was simple to use and allowed me to do just the basic note taking on my phone. These notes would then get backed up on my SD Card and were recoverable when I wanted and the app on the whole had a nice clean and simple look.

Then, I rooted my phone. This meant that I now had a phone that would be primarily be used to try out the various stable and unstable ROMs that are available on the interwebs for my phone model. This meant a couple of things. One, that I would need to wipe my data card pretty frequently and two, that ColorNote didn’t like this.

Springpad has more more or less made sure that my rooting and flashing antics do not affect my data in any way. Springpad is a free application available from the Android Market. Calling it a note taking app would be an understatement. Springpad incorporates the functionalities of lots of smaller apps into one clean and easy to use app. Springpad describes itself as “Really, really smart notes”. I don’t really get the “smart” part, but I am sold on its functionalities.

You can use Springpad as little or as much as you want. You can use it as a basic note taking app that allows you to take simple text notes when you want or create list of items like groceries that you have to buy. However, when you want, you can also use it as a feature packed organizing tool for all your information and ideas. Springpad easily combines the functions of Google Tasks, Instapaper, to do lists and other such things into one with an online backup/sync to boot.

Since I hate articles that drone on about the features about a product without any screenshots, here is the screenshot tour of Springpad.

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Springpad is available for Android, iPhone and iPad.

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