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Having recently moved from an Android phone to a BlackBerry as my primary work phone, I thought this would be a good time to look at one of the apps that I find myself using most. The move made it very obvious to me that I was really spoilt when it came to apps on my smart phone. Android had so many apps, and that too most of them free, that I never had to worry about finding a good looking app for free to meet my needs of extending my Android phone’s functionality. This is not so easy on the BlackBerry. I am not going to get into the details of why the BlackBerry interface isn’t really meant for quick and easy access of features. That is a well documented fact and can be read about on the many tech blogs out there. The main problem is that the BlackBerry app developers out there cant do much since they are limited by the BlackBerry OS.

Most of my commute of about 1.5 hours to 2 hours a day is spent listening to podcasts. On Android my favourite apps for this were DoubleTwist and Listen, both free and with nice clean UIs. On BlackBerry Curve, which I have to use now, I have only been able to find PodTrapper, not free, but definitely full featured and with a nice enough interface. PodTrapper has all the functionality that I am used on DoubleTwist. It could get better if there would be a desktop sync software also available for it like DoubleTwist has. This just makes it easier to download a lot of podcasts in bulk and transfer them when you can. Wifi is definitely not available eveywhere and this means a lot of waiting for the right time to download new episodes.

To add podcasts to PodTrapper you have the usual options of either entering the RSS feed manually, browsing / searching online and also looking at PodTrapper’s recommendations. The first recommendation it provides is, of course, CrackBerry. You can customize settings on a global level and at the subscription level as well. PodTrapper also has an Android version which more or less looks and feels the same. PodTrapper costs $9.99 on BlackBerry and $7.99 on Android. While I don’t mind paying for software, a price point of $4.99 would have been more appropriate. Apps on BlackBerry tend to be more expensive than those on other platforms.

A few screenshots are below to give you an idea of how PodTrapper looks on my Curve.

[box type=”download”]You can get PodTrapper for BlackBerry from BlackBerry App World, for Android from the Market and also from the developer’s website.[/box]

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