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If you have ever felt the irritation of not being able to do something on your Android phone while you were on a call, you are not alone. For one, the notification bar locks up and cant be used and also basic things like sending a contact to the person on the other end is a longish process. So, it was a nice thing that I got to hear of Thrutu.

I immediately got my hands on the Thrutu app, thanks to the team at Thrutu. Having heard a little bit about the app and also having seen the promo videos, I really wanted to try it out. Thrutu has set out to improve the most basic function of our smart mobile devices, the phone call. While on a call, it has always been a little tricky to quickly reach other applications to carry out a task that needed to be done during the phone call. Thrutu aims to change this by providing a set of quick access functions that you can get to and use right while the call is going on.

Thrutu is currently only available on Android, so it was lucky that I have two Android phones to test it out. I am guessing that this sort of an app would really need to be cross platform to really take off. The app itself runs as a serivce and starts up as soon as you dial out or receive a call. Another condition that needs to be fulfilled is that you need to have either wifi or 3g. The service then checks if the person on the other end has Thrutu installed on their phone or not. If is finds Thrutu, you get a drawer on the right of the screen with the quick access functions. For the time being, you can send your location to the person you are speaking to, send a new or an existing image to them, send a contact to them and also, poke them, sort of. I am guessing that more functions will get added to the app. There are quite a few things that you can probably do with this.

I have been able to use all the functions that the app has and I am sure that this is something that I can use. The “poke” option is a little gimmicky. I don’t really see the point of it. It’s not like the person I am speaking to will go to sleep while I am speaking to them an dI will have to wake them up with a slight vibration. The other functions work prefectly. Sending contacts and pictures is a breeze. There are a lot of times that the appliactions cant connect to the data network, which is needed to send the data and the contacts. This needs a bit more work, because I am using Thrutu while being connected to my wifi network and I dont expect the connection to be unsuccessful.


All in all, this is a great idea, and I can see this really taking off once it is available for the iPhone and BlackBerry devices.

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