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Over the years I have used and discarded many note taking / list making apps. Very useful and well made apps like ColorNote, Springpad and others. After having tried them and moved on from them, I have realized that there is only one “app” that I have used through that time till today. Tasks in Gmail. Strictly speaking, this isnt an app at all. This is a fragment in Gmail and now it is also an extension in the Chrome browser. Since Gmail is always open in my browser, I use Tasks for everything. I use it to store links of pages I want to read later, I use it to manage my shopping lists and I use it for keeping track of more or less anything that I need to keep track of.

When it comes to using this on your Android device, you can go to Tasks in your browser or you can use an app that syncs with Tasks. While there are many apps that can do this, GTasks is the best that I have found. GTasks syncs quickly with your google account and gets all your tasks down to the app so that you don’t have to be online when you are working on the list of items. It also does the syncing automatically with the google account set up on your device and does not take you to an authentication page unlike a few of the other popular apps.



It terms of functionality, the apps is clean and simple. All the lists that you have created are available to you and you can swipe between them. The usual check marks allow you to make items as done. The app also allows you to set due dates for any of the items if you want to, and will give you notifications when they become due. This also gets synced to Tasks in Gmail. You can also view all the list items together in a nicely colour code separated list. The context menu on the tasks allows you to carry out actions to the list items individually. You can also do the sharing thing, in case you want to send a task out to someone else.

Google recently added indented tasks which basically allows you to have a folder tree like structure to your tasks. You can have a main category with the tasks in that category indented below that. GTasks allows you to do this as well.



This is an easy to use app without any learning curve. The quick sync and regular updates, make it a good deal. Also, the price can’t hurt, since it is free for an ad supported version of the app. You can however upgrade it an ad free app for about $7.

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