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On the iPad there are a lot of apps that you can use to consume news and information. A lot of these apps, like Zite and Flipboard, provide a very nice reading experience from a variety of sources on the basis of topics that you choose. While I really like reading in Zite, Google Reader remains my staple source for all the information that I am interested in. Surprisingly, there aren’t enough apps in the App Store that faithfully replicate that experience. MobileRSS is one of the few giving you the full Google Reader experience in an app and adding a lot of value to the experience as well.

You might remember MobileRSS, from stories some time ago, when they were accused of ripping off the interface of the extremely popular Reeder App. The makers of the backed down and came up with a completely new UI. This is my app of choice for interacting with my Google Reader account.

MobileRSS may not be able to sway the users of Reeder, but anyone who is not using Reeder can consider MobileRSS to be an extremely able Google Reader app. MobileRSS comes with a fairly standard paned layout of other iPad apps but has fully integrated all Google Reader actions into its interface (as far I can see). There is also a very useful additional feature that allows you to download full posts where there are only excerpts. I really enjoy being able to quickly scan the articles that are there and go into more detail as and when required. The swiping to next article really helps speed things up. If it is a speedier feed reading experience you are looking for, then MobileRSS is a good choice. Take a look through the app features below.


MobileRSS is available as a Free, Pro and Pro HD versions from the App Store.

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