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Since I have got the iPad, I have been trying to do as much as possible on it. It hasn’t been easy. After getting the usual apps up and running on the iPad, like, Twitter, Facebook, various feed readers, I had to seriously start thinking about what else I can do with this thing. A lot of people have been saying that they are able to do a lot of productive stuff on the iPad. The only productive thing that I can really think of doing on the iPad is writing up the posts that will go onto my blog. So I started searching for an app and finally settled on Writings.

I tried to see if some of the usual Office type apps could do the trick. There were three main problems with those. Firstly, most of them had too many features. Secondly, they were mostly ugly. Thirdly, the price was not right for what my end use scenario was. I realised that what I really wanted was just a place that promoted writing and writing only. Writings is very aptly named and does exactly that.

I was able to pick up Writings for a mere 0.99 dollars, since it was on sale the day that I decided to look for these kind of apps. Writings allows you to wrote without distractions in a nice environment. You can choose what font you want to use and the colour of the font and the background. You can also arrange your writings into “Workspaces”. Here you can collect all the writings on the same subject.


There are also a couple of ways to get the writings out of the application and deposited elsewhere. The app supports syncing your writings with your Dropbox account. The app can save your writings in Dropbox as plain text files. These can be arranged in their own folders in your Dropbox account. You can have folders for each of your Workspaces, for example, and all the writings related to the Workspace in the folder. However, this is not a predetermined format and you can choose any folder for any of your writings.


You can also email the writings to wherever you want. The writing will be emailed as a plain text attachment to the destination. However, the Dropbox sync is what I plan to use.

Writings is available from the Apple App Store on *SALE*, for the time being, for only $0.99. At that price, you don’t even need to thing twice. Just get it.

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