How To – Multiple Albums on your iPad

If you have an iPad and sync photos to it with iTunes running on a PC, the following method might be of use to you. After getting the iPad 2, one of the first things that I synced to it were some of my photos. I had selected a few photos from my collection and moved them to a separate folder on my laptop and was going to use this folder as the photos sync folder. I had these set up nicely with sub-folders for the different collections of photos. When I synced them to the iPad, I expected to see the sub-folders converted into albums and everything would have been just fine. However, what really happened was that all the photos from all the sub-folders got added to a single album on the iPad. This isn’t the best way to see the photos that you may have synced. The way to achieve the intended result is not documented anywhere that I could find. I was able to put together the below method from comments on threads and a little bit of trial and error.

When your iPad is connected to the PC, you will need to go to the photos tab in iTunes. Here you need to select the folder in which you have created the sub-folders. If your sub-folders are in “…/photos/ipad” then you need to select the folder “ipad” as the base folder.

Choose "Selected Folder" and browse to the folder in which your sub-folders are. Then, select the sub-folders you want displayed as albums.

If you choose “photos” here, iTunes will not consider your sub-folders under “ipad” as albums. It will only consider the first level folders as albums. After you select “ipad” (or your chosen folder), then the sub-folders will be displayed in the list below this. You need to then select the folders that you want displayed as albums. Also, the folder “ipad” itself can’t have any images in it. Also, if there are further sub-folders with images, inside the first level sub-folders, they will be all combined together in the first level sub-folder.

When you first set up your iPad to sync with iTunes, you might be tempted to use your default images folder as the “Selected Folder” for iTunes to look in for sub-folders to be converted to albums. That’s fine as well, as long as you don’t have any image files in your default images folder and only have sub-folders.

I didn’t want to sync all my images to the iPad. Only a very select few. That’s why I created a folder in my images folder with the su-folders with images. Now I finally have albums with photos properly segregated instead of one big album with everything in it.

Let me know in case you know any other methods to achieve this.

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