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There is a serious lack of powerful and good looking mileage tracking apps for the iPad. A problem which is not faced by it’s sibling, the iPhone. Why this dearth of apps in this category exists is not something I can put my finger on. In an effort to use the iPad as much as possible, it is very important to me to have access to an app that can really help me make those simple fuel fill up entries and also track the occasional long trip that I might be taking every now and then. It is even more essential for me since I am in sales and use my own car a lot, when I go and meet clients.

In the past I had been using an app which has now become Pocket Garage HD (PGHD) and has a whole new look and feel. This app was the best that I could find and not cringe every time I launched it. However, at $4.99 this app doesn’t have all the features of the app that I am currently using on my Android phone, aCar. aCar is also $5 for the premium version and features everything that you may expect in an app for mileage tracking. Also, the $5 is a voluntary donation for an awesome app.

The Pocket Garage interface is really nice looking, but a little too much for my simple tastes

The Pocket Garage interface is really nice looking, but a little too much for my simple tastes

I don’t have as much confidence in the apps that are there for the iPad in this category. Due to this I have had to make alternate arrangements. All the features offered by a $4.99 app like Pocket Garage HD are offered for free by the web based mileage tracking tool called Fuelly. If I am on the iPad, Fuelly is where I now make all my entries for any fill ups or service information. A major plus of using Fuelly is that you can easily keep data between Fuelly and aCar updated since aCar accepts data exported from Fuelly in a .csv file.

Fuelly features a really nice and clean interface, offering all UK, US and Metric units to store your data. You can choose your currency by country and also see the basic graphs that are there along with all the statistics on a single page. You can add multiple vehicles and track them separately. Right now, all that I was doing on PGHD, I am doing on Fuelly, for free and in a better looking interface. While the look and feel of the website is the kind I like, you may prefer the overly stylized look of PGHD. I prefer clean interfaces with data and graphs displayed in a nice and clean format. This preference is just mine, of course. Fortunately the look doesn’t change the fact that Fuelly let’s me do everything that the current iPad apps allow me to do, but for free.



I am pretty sure that Fuelly would be a hot seller if they make an app for iOS and specifically for the iPad. As of now there is no app. However, this won’t stop you from using the site and is functions. Apart from the full site, Fuelly also features a really slick and fast mobile site that allows you to enter the fill up data especially on a smaller screen of your iPhone, Android or any other phone. You can access this mobile site by going to a different URL.

The mobile interface to add a fill up is nice and clean and makes for a quick entry

The mobile interface to add a fill up is nice and clean and makes for a quick entry

Fuelly also allows you to be slightly social with the data that you put in to it. You can post updates of your fill ups to Facebook and twitter. You can also share the link to your Fuelly page so that people can have access to the information that you have there. Others can the use this information to compare the performance of their own vehicles with yours. The latter, direct sharing of your Fuelly page seems to be more useful than the twitter or Facebook status updates. In case you are part of a Facebook Page or group for a particular vehicle, then it might serve a purpose though. If you need to connect Further to vehicle owners and are looking for advice, Fuelly also has a fairly large and active forum community which I am glad would like to help you out. This is something that I haven’t tried yet since I am not in the US.

At the end of the day, however, I feel that it is better to have an app rather than a website for anything that you want to do on your mobile device. Unfortunately, at least for the iPad, I don’t have anything that comes close to aCar and fortunately Fuelly does everything that the current set of iPad apps do and looks better while doing it.

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  1. surajsr
    July 14, 2014 at 8:24 PM #

    Hey, That’s a great article you have written there.  I can see that you have used pocket garage and fuelly but have you tried Vezma GPS Mileage & MPG Tracker as your mileage tracking solution?  It has a few wonderful features you can explore. Through their application you can:

    • Register mileage log for payroll, reporting or tax claims
    • Keep your friends and customers updated on your location while driving
    • Keep track of your mobile employees or vehicle fleet
    • You can use the app to log trips & track mileage with or without GPS
    • If you use GPS it automatically logs: miles, locations, speed, time, start/end address
    • Trip tagging for purpose (business, private …)
    • See trip stats, mileage driven, average speed
    • Export trip data in GPX, KML or CSV format
    • All tracked trips are auto synced online (choose Wi-Fi, data plan)
    • Powerful trip tracking records searching, filtering & management (add, edit, delete)
    • See your tracked trips and visited places displayed on interactive map
    • Keep others updated via location sharing (SMS, email, social media)
    • Define frequently visited places for automatic check in at the location
    • Generate professional mileage log and trip reports (word, excel, pdf)

    You can find more details about them through their website ( or through the appstore at

    Hope this helps :).

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