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We have all gotten used to apps. We have apps on our phones, on our tablets, on our desktops / laptops and even on our TVs. There is something very comforting in the fact that you are using something designed to do a particular task well. I prefer to use apps even if there is an alternative way to use any service. I prefer to use a dedicated app rather than the service on the web. I am always on the lookout for interesting ways to use the web services that I use most. Recently, I found Pokki.

Pokki is an application available for Windows that provides beautiful looking apps for popular services right on your desktop’s taskbar. The theme of all the apps in Pokki seems to focus on light, good looking apps that provide real time notifications for the services that you have installed Pokkies for. Pokki is currently available only on Windows but they also plan to release a Mac application in the future. The list of Pokkies currently available is arguably small. However, they have covered all the basics and it is a good start.

List of Pokkies that cover all the basics. You can get more from the "All Pokkies" list

From their blog listings its clear that they are doing their best to attract developers to this platform. Can’t be easy, since there are many options that are available to developers today. Contributing to a new and upcoming app platform may not be on the top of their list. I will be looking forward to all the apps that get added to the platform in the coming future.

Pokki installs the basic framework to your machine and then you can go ahead and start installing the various apps that are available from the Pokki apps list. Once installed, the apps appear in your taskbar and give you real time updates for mail, tweets or any other apps that you have installed. The notifications are like the badges that you would be used to from iOS and BlackBerry. Here are a few of the Pokki apps that I use.

The Gmail Pokki app has a nice and clean interface. Very usable with all the features

The compose screen for Gmail

The Twitter Pokki. Only the conversations view is missing

The facebook Pokki is slightly lacking. For most actions it will take you to the web. As of now you can only read your feed and comment on the items

The weather Pokki gives you a nice view of the weather

The apps are nice and I have been trying to use them more and more. The fact that they are really nice looking helps. You can try Pokki from their website. Pokki will install along with any of the apps that you want to install.

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