Android Apps: 3G Watchdog

Despite all the scams (which are not in scope of this blog) the telecom companies in India have been kind enough to launch 3G services in India. They have, however, been extremely stingy with bandwidth and launched plans that will penalize you, monetarily, at the slightest hint of rubbing them the wrong way. The pricing for a decent 3G plan with Vodafone is 850 bucks which gives me only 3GB of monthly bandwidth. This is the highest bandwidth available and means that I have to be very careful with my usage. To be able to monitor usage down to the last kb of data, I use 3G Watchdog.

The homescreen of the app shows your current total usage with breakup of upload and download data usage

3G Watchdog enables you to track usage, maintain a history of data usage and also alert you in case you are approaching your monthly limits. The app runs in the background and tracks uploads and downloads when you are on a non-wifi network. It won’t track data that you transfer when you are connected to a wifi network. The app has a nice and clean interface and doesn’t confuse with too many options and settings.

To get started you need to input your monthly cycle and your monthly limit. From that point onward, the app will track all data sent and received when you are on 3G. The app will also let you know an estimate of how much your cycle end figure of data usage would be considering you continue at the same rate of data consumption that you are currently on. Extremely useful when I use my wifi only iPad tethered to the phone.

The basic settings that are present are easy to understand and not confusing

Thanks to 3G Watchdog I no longer have to worry about how much data I have used in the cycle. This is doubly useful since Vodafone doesn’t provide me any way to track my usage. The actual figures obviously don’t tally completely at the end of the cycle but the variation is acceptable and is a decently accurate figure that can help you track your usage.

3G Watchdog is available from the Android Market in both free and pro versions. While the free version is enough for basic tracking, the pro version provides a lot of additional features, the most awesome of them begin the per app bandwidth tracking. So try them out and let me know how it goes.

2 Responses to “Android Apps: 3G Watchdog”

  1. Abhijeet
    May 25, 2012 at 12:31 PM #

    I used the watchdog app, Its pretty neat.

    • Abhilash
      May 29, 2012 at 10:42 AM #

      Yep. That app helped me keep track of my usage very well. Even stopped my data connection once when I went over.

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