Android Apps: Camera360

I have a decent shooter in my current Android phone. It is a 5MP sensor that does the job when required. However, there is definitely something lacking in the software for the camera that comes with the OS by default. It has all the functions, but doesn’t seem to process the captured images in a very pleasing way. The pictures generally leave me unsatisfied. After having scoured through the Android Market and trying out various apps, I finally settled on Camera360 for using as my default, everyday camera app.

The app provides various modes of shooting along with the “Normal” mode for a quick snap. The Effect area is the most oft used because it provides quick access to various effects that can give you instant results. The ones that I use most are Enhancement, Lomo and HDR (Lite).

The main camera capture screen is also very verbose. It provides you can lot of options that you can adjust at the time of actually taking the shot. The various buttons on the interface allow you to adjust the flash, change the shooting mode, adjust the colours and brightness, timer and artsy modes among others.

As far as the other options are concerned, there aren’t that many. It is a fairly easy to understand options menu reminiscent of a standard point and shoot that anyone would be able to understand and use.

As the default camera app on my phone, I am a lot happier with Camera360 rather than the built in app that came with the phone. You can download the app from the Android Market. Definitely give this one a try if you are not happy with your built in camera app.

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