First Impression: Nokia Lumia 800

While waiting for a flight a few days ago, I finally got to play with the new Nokia Lumia 800. This was a phone that was on my list of devices to try. This is just a first impression and I have to say, I am very very impressed with the quality of the hardware. The industrial design is extremely slick. The feel of the device in your hands is very solid. There are absolutely no imperfections on the body and the display is just as crisp as it can be.

On the down side, I can see this phone as something being preferred by the ladies simply because the overall feel of the phone is very feminine. Add to that the fact that this phone comes in extremely girls colours, it may just take off with the female buyer. Compared to the plain look of the next best option which in my opinion is the iPhone 4/4S, this device stands a good chance of becoming the device of choice for the discerning female smart phone buyer. The device and screen size also facilitate this argument. ideal for smaller hands.

For buyers of more masculine persuasion, I believe that the upcoming Lumia 900 would be the ideal option with its big screen. While the shape of the device remains the same, the larger size means that people like me with larger hands, will have an easier time with all the touching.

As far as the software is concerned, I have really enjoyed the difference that Windows Phone brings to the table. Very refreshing after the outdated designs of iOS and Android. The layout of apps and the non-button based navigation is very conducive to a touch interface. The feel is very natural and very easy to understand. While I am not a bog fan of “live tiles” which seem like a gimmick to me, I love how the apps allow for such easy navigation. The next / previous sections peaking in from the edges of the screen naturally prompt you on the way ahead.

The only reason I won’t buy a Windows Phone device at this time is due to the lack wifi tethering. This is a deal breaker for me. However, this post is not to crib about the shortcomings on the WP7 platform.

Being an Android user, I love the tight integration that google provides in Android with all of it’s services and that apps that go along with those. This is true for the WP7 as well. I have used the Office360 offering from Microsoft, and I have to say, I really like it. The fact that google services will be very well integrated with WP7 as well, I don’t envisage a problem in switching afrom Android to WP7.

Just as soon as they allow me to wifi tether on the device without any ugly workarounds. I will try and put up a review as well, as soon as I can get my hands on a device for anything longer than 20 minutes.

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