What I want from iOS6 (or the next version)

Hopefully with the release of the new iPad and apple tv in the coming months, we will be treated to an update of iOS as well. I am hoping that Apple can address some of my pet peeves about iOS5 and improve upon some things. I am an iPad user only and do not own an iPhone. My wish list is for the iPad specifically, however I am sure some of these things will be a good to have on the iPhone as well.

A Better Split Keyboard

The keyboard on the iPad splits down the middle to enable you to use it without setting the iPad down on a surface. This was a feature that I was waiting for ever since it was shown in the preview. I had seen a split keyboard implementation before that in a Microsoft event where they were talking about Windows 8 on tablets.

The split keyboard has mostly been a disappointment. The main reason for this is the final size of the keys after the keyboard has been split. They are too small for my fat fingers. I realise that Apple may again be applying the 70% rule but I would really like to see the ability to resize the split board.

On the Subject of Icons on the Home Screens

This is another of my pet peeves. I hate auto arranged icons on any screen, be it my desktop or my phone. Its irritating and it looks bad and it prevents me from accessing the Apps that I want to the way I want to.

Related to this, I would also like the App icons to all not be on the home screens. You end up having too many Apps and too many screens with no default logic of arranging the icons on the screens. If it was at least alphabetical, you could find that elusive App whose name starts with a T. Ideally, I would like an App drawer so that I can keep my home screens free of crappy looking box shaped icons.

Also, I would like App icons to be able to display more data on them or in the form of widgets. I am not a big fan of the red numbers on icons. At the very least, Apple should enable widgets in the notification area for iPad as well. Makes more sense since there is a lot more room to play with.

A Better Maps Application

The Google maps App on the iPad is so bad that I just don’t feel like using it. I need something better. The next iteration of iOS better have a native maps App ideally from Apple.

General UI Tweaks

I have said before that iOS by itself looks dated and kludgy. Some of the things that add to the age are things like the glassy reflective look all over the place, the square icons with rounded corners and the general boring-ness of the entire interface. All this really depresses me until I launch a good looking App. I like the fact that the OS is supposed to get out of the way and keep your focus on the Apps that you use. But it wouldn’t hurt to keep pace with design directions of the present.


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