Windows 8 Consumer Preview – First Impression

I installed the Windows 8 Consumer preview last night on my Lenovo G550 laptop. Since I have only 1 laptop to play around with, I have put Win 8 on this sole laptop and will be using it as my primary OS till I have to. I have been playing around with this preview for the last few hours and I have to say, it is very fast. My laptop is a basic desktop replacement, nothing special. Windows 8 runs on it very well. There are a few hiccups here and there, but hey its a beta right. Its pretty good.

As everyone already know, Microsoft has provided for two interface methods in Windows 8. They have the all new Metro interface, which I have come to really like on my Windows Phone) and also the plain old explorer and desktop interface. I am not really happy about the fact that you have both of these. It would have been nice if they had figured out a way to run existing apps in the Metro interface and in the full screen mode.

The Start button has been replaced by the Start Screen and as you may have seen on Windows Phone, your favourites or your most used apps/applications can be put on the Start screen as tiles. To access other /all applications you need to use one of the hot corners. The top right corner / edge brings up the “charms” interface which allows you access the installed apps, the settings and a few other areas. The bottom left corner allows you to access the list of running apps. The tiles on the Start screen can be rearranged and the rest of the tiles will adjust automatically. The bottom tile on the left is the “desktop” tile and you can access your standard desktop by clicking on that. There is no start menu any more. If you click the area where the start menu used to be, you will get back to the Start screen.

This preview has some built in metro style apps that you can start using immediately.

Some other interesting things that I noticed in the brief time that I have been using this.

I am going to be using the Preview for some time to come and for the next post I am going to take a more detailed look at the settings section.

The settings area is very reminiscent of other settings areas that you many have seen on tablets

The settings area is very reminiscent of other settings areas that you many have seen on tablets

Windows 8 looks interesting. It would be better if more apps were Metro styled and we did not have to depend on the standard desktop interface.

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