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All of us who have upgraded to iOS6 know now that there is no native YouTube app available any more. This presents a couple of challenges for me who uses YouTube for storing and archiving personal videos in full HD quality. One. The YouTube site that opens up in the browser on the iPad is not appealing. It’s fully functional and all that, but it’s made for smaller screens and not really optimized for the iPad. Two. Viewing videos is not as good, since the video doesn’t go completely full screen. The browser top border and the progress bar are visible and that is not the best experience.

A quick search for “YouTube” revealed a lot of downloaders. Then I saw Jasmine. Yes that’s a name you wouldn’t readily associate with YouTube. However, it is a YouTube app and a beautifully designed one. Jasmine has a multi-pane design and is very easy to use. due to the use of this pane based design you immediately know what to do and how to navigate. Assuming you are used to the many similarly designed iOS apps.

The Jasmine YouTube app. “Paned” to perfection with all the features that you need

Jasmine provides you with almost all the features that you might want from an app that is for YouTube. Basic things like searching and browsing various categories of videos and more personalized things like your playlists and subscriptions after you log in with your YouTube account. The only thing I couldn’t find was the “My Videos” section that I use in the browser based YouTube to see all my uploaded videos.

There is no video management functionality and that’s fine. But hey, the iPad is not really known for its “Content Creation” capabilities. Jasmine also allows you to share videos directly from the list view and you can also add the videos to your favorites or to a playlist that you created earlier.

Swipe a listing to the right to show the options for Sharing, Favourite and Add to Playlist

There are a lot of extra settings that you can play with. You can choose between a light (default) and dark (too dark, in my opinion) theme and you have some control over the playback controls. There is also a “Parental Controls” option that is present in the PRO version on Jasmine. I have been unable to find out how much the PRO version costs, but if you have kids who are old enough, you might want to upgrade. Otherwise, the free version has no restrictions that I could make out. Not even ads!

All the settings available in the app including the option to sign in to YouTube and the option to change between Light and Dark themes.

That is all about Jasmine. You can get it from the App Store for free.

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