The iPad Mini

The iPad Mini is out, and the only thing I don’t like about it is the name.

Sounds un-thought to me. Apart from that, there are only little annoyances that bother me based on what I have seen so far. The main annoyance is the fact that it looks like Apple will need to update this product pretty soon. For apple, releasing a product without retina display At this time just seems weird. On the other had, it does have 4G LTE. Which came as a surprise to me. But the display will need to be updated pretty soon.

When the iPad Mini will come out in India is anyone’s guess. I am guessing early next year. Not before. I would be willing to sell my iPad 2 and get the Mini. The smaller size is better for my use. Although I have a feeling that the India pricing is not going to be very nice. With the base model Mini being $349 it seems that the India price will be close to 21000 and that is a bit steep. In any case, as I have said before, this smaller form factor is a lot better than lugging around a 10″ device.

The form factor of the Mini doesn’t seem to be 16:9 and this means that there should be some black bands still on the screen when you see movies and videos. By this will be much less of a problem on the Mini than it is on the larger iPad.  I am not a developer but I feel that Apple has sort of restricted itself due to the way apps have to be designed for specific screen resolutions and scaling is not really an option. This means more work for both Apple in case they want to release a new form factor, and for the developers who need to start working on supporting new resolutions if Apple decides to change the resolutions available.

However, with the release of the IPad Mini, Apple has covered all the 3 main sizes of mobile devices that you should be covering. A display update to the iPad Mini should ensure that the resolutions can be frozen for some time to come. The iPhone still needs to get a bigger screen in my opinion. What Apple should now focus on is marketing these shiny new devices to people in countries like India. The iPhone will never be a success story in India, or at least not in the near future mainly because of better phones available in the market at that price point. However the iPad is a different story altogether. This device is unmatched in its looks, performance and use case, not to mention the apps. I see more iPads in India than iPhones. This is the category that Apple should be focusing on to drive their presence and sales in India.

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