Windows Phone Apps: FastNote

To say that apps are lacking on the Windows Phone platform would not be completely untrue. Although there are very nice apps for all the usual things that a person may want to do on a phone, the app discovery experience is a little lacking. So it was a pleasant surprise when I happened to install FastNote, a note taking / reminder app.

Up until now all my note-taking was happening in OneNote. It’s really good and it provides a lot of nice options for the kind of notes that you may want to take. However, it needs a data network to be truly useful. This has in the past been a problem for me as I put in a shopping list in OneNote on my laptop, but it didn’t sync the updated list because when I launched the app on the phone, I was deep in the bowels of the supermarket in the basement of a mall and there was absolutely no signal on the device.

FastNote is simple and reminds me of ColorNote on Android. However, there is one really big difference. FastNote has taken full advantage of the Windows Phone UX and made an absolutely beautiful app. I do not think I have seen a cleaner, simpler note taking app on any platform, Android or iOS.

The app allows you to sync all your notes to SkyDrive. This sync is like a backup and I am assuming (I haven’t had a chance to try this out yet) that they will all come back if I do erase the notes on the device. I have yet to figure out as to where in my SkyDrive these notes are being stored.

The app settings are really simple. The only options are to change the text size and add a password to the app. The app is designed by an Italian developer and the only place I could find them was on their facebook page. This page is also in Italian.

So go ahead and give this app a try. I am pretty sure you will like it.

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