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If you want a good minimalistic music app and you also like the direction that Google is going with the design of most of their services (flat and minimal), then you might want to try out Now Playing. I don’t listen to music much on the phone but I do like the app to look nice when I do listen. The default Play Music app that comes with Android 4.2 is alright and works well enough. However, it looks really clunky. Mostly due to the fact that it doesn’t really follow in the design footsteps that the rest of Google is now moving to.

What if, this…


Could look like this…


Well you don’t need to wonder anymore. Now Playing is the developer’s effort to change the default Android music player into something that look more integrated with the new Google experience.

This is still an early release and there should be a lot more improvements in the coming releases. As of now, the design part has mostly been addressed. There are still many improvements that the app needs to incorporate when it comes to functionality. Having used the beta release which was put up on XDA-Developers, there really doesn’t seem to have been much improvement in that area. I hope that the developer takes the feedback seriously and gets to work on this. Especially keeping in mind that this is not a free app. If you like how this looks you can check it out on the Play Store. It is currently on sale and available for about a dollar.

Link to Play Store

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