Review – Bluedio T2S Bluetooth Headphones

When you have a job like mine where you spend a lot of hours in the back or front of a cab or in air planes going from one city to another, it always helps to carry some parts of your daily routine along with you. For me this is largely my podcasts and to some extent my music. All of this is, of course, on my phone (currently a Nexus 6P). The Nexus 6P came with its own set of earphones. These were similar to the Apple ear pods and therefore are just as bad. They also don’t stay in my ear and keep slipping out. I have a Jabra Bluetooth hands free for my regular calling needs but was missing a good Bluetooth headphone / earphone for some time. So, In January, I got myself a pair of Bluedio T2S Bluetooth headphones.

These were available for a steal and had some very compelling differentiating factors. My reasons for choosing these headphones were quite simple. Big drivers and a small price. While these weren’t the cheapest that I could find for the quality I was looking for, they were definitely the ones with the biggest drivers and also the most portable. The other honourable mentions either weren’t the kind that could cover the full ear or were not fold-able or simply didn’t look as good. I ordered them on-line and wasn’t disappointed when I was able to play with them in person.

Bluedio T2S Bluetooth Headphones

The headphones are built solidly and all the moving parts like the extenders and the folding ear cups all move without any irritating wobbles or jiggles. The padding on the ear cups is also quite soft and that allows for some level of comfort. However, due to my glasses I can probably wear them for about an hour, at which point I have to take a break. All the controls of the headphones are on the right ear cup and these include the volume up and down buttons, the power button which is also the Bluetooth activation and pairing button, the track skip dial which can also be pressed to play or pause the current track, the micro USB jack for charging and the microphone for taking calls. These are all on the side of the right ear cup and there is also a really bright LED that indicates the various connection states. This LED can be quite distracting, especially in the night time due to its brightness. The left side ear cup has only one feature; the 3.5mm audio jack which allows you to use the headphones where you might not be able to use Bluetooth, like with an airline entertainment system.

Bluedio T2S Bluetooth Headphones

Now lets come to one of the main reasons that I bought these headphones. The massive drivers! The Bluedio T2S sports some of the biggest drivers that I have seen in any headphone, let alone budget ones like these. At 57mm these are bigger than most gaming headphones even. This translates to a more comfortable listening and also more comfortable ergonomics of the ear cups.

Bluedio T2S Bluetooth Headphone Buttons

From left to right: Volume up / down, power and Bluetooth pairing, track skip and play / pause, micro USB and microphone (not visible in picture)

What difference does that make you ask? A headphone’s performance largely depends on the driver size. A bigger driver unit will do a good job of producing lower frequencies with more pressure and less power. These have the capability of getting rid of excess air there by delivering that bass everyone’s looking for. The downside to the large driver size is that the diaphragm distorts while playing the sound and delivers inconsistent lower frequency response. But if you are all about the bass, then larger ones are better for you. Typically earphone drivers range from 8mm to 15mm while headphone drivers range from 20mm to 50mm. The T2S’s 57mm is definitely out of the ordinary. Having said that, the equalizers in todays phones allow a good amount of tweaking that can let you get a good balanced sound from these large drivers. The seal around the ears is pretty good, especially if I don’t have my glasses on and that really gives a good bass experience.

These work well for me since most of the music that I listen to have a dominant vocal track along with the music. A little bit of tweaking of Poweramp’s EQ gives me a good balance. I enjoy using these headphone to just tune out the world and concentrate on what I am doing. It has good isolation and keeps people from bothering me since I really can’t hear them and I don’t have to pretend to not hear them.

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