Google Maps has Live Traffic Updates for Indian Cities

Google recently updated their Maps application with a couple of major (in my opinion) updates for India. Live traffic data for major cities in India and turn by turn navigation (which is in beta). The traffic data looks really good. Accurate for the areas that I frequent. I do wonder where this data...
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Interesting Features of Google+

I was lucky enough to get onto Google + right from day one, owing to someone with the same name adding me to one of their +Circles and sending out an update. Since then I have been following the conversations about this product from Google with some interest. While a lot of it is very similar to what...
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Google Street View Car in Mumbai

There have been reports on and off of the Google Street View cars being seen on Indian roads in the last few months. Being a big fan of Google Maps, I have more or less kept on top of this on the Interwebs. Most of the reports so far have been from up-north, namely Delhi with one person even having shot...
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Gmail Updated for the Better

Gmail has been, without a doubt, Google’s best product till date. It has just gotten better. Google has just updated the interface to be more natural and easier to use. To start with, the frequently used links for Mail, Contacts and Tasks have been moved to the top. This is really useful since...
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WPtouch – A Mobile Theme for your Blog

With all the fancy phones that are coming out all the time, I think that its a good idea to have a mobile version of your blog also available so that people with mobile devices are able to get the full experience of your website even if they visit through a mobile browser. While the browsers, that are...
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Bandwidth Exceeded

I have been maintaining this website for a few years now and never have I faced the problem of going over bandwidth. However, between yesterday and today, my website was overwhelmed with traffic owing to a combination of a comment on Lifehacker and the online frenzy that has been seen in people trying...
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Updated: Google Maps: 3D Goggles View

I am frequently on google maps, looking at interesting places and whenever possible I go down to street level to roam the streets of an interesting looking city. This morning, I noticed that while in street view, there is now a new icon on the left below the zooming bar which seems to enable a “3D...
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Gmail Goes Social With Buzz

Google revolutionized the email arena with the launch of Gmail a little over 5 years ago. However, in the recent past other services like MSN and Yahoo have been adding features that Google has forgone or not really been interested in integrating in to the Gmail platform. The last few weeks we have all...
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Google Maps has Fresh Images for Mumbai

Google maps has been updated with fresh images for the city of Mumbai in India. The images are hardly a couple of weeks old and show the current aerial views of Mumbai that can be recognized including the under construction Mumbai Metro, the Chembur Monorail and everything else that was earlier missing...
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Microsoft Office Web Apps

A couple of weeks ago the Softies announced the availability of Microsoft Office Web Apps as a Technical Preview to a few thousand people by invitation. They also plan to make the beta available to the public at a later date. An online version of Office has always been expected and there has always been...
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