Adsense Outage

At about 10:45PM Indian Standard Time, I tried to access my Adsense account and it was down. Then I tried again at 11:30PM IST and it was up. The page displayed was the site down message in about 20 languages. I wonder how many people like me will put this up on various blogs and sites.
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Firefox 3.1 Beta Released

October 14th saw the release of Firefox 3.1 beta. With this release Mozilla wants to showcase improvements in the user interface and greater support for emerging web standards. This release was originally intented to come out in August but they released an additional Alpha before this release. This release...
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My Google (Snail)Mail

I got a mail from Google. It was something that they said they had sent to me about 20 days ago, but I just got it. That’s cause it came by regular post. That’s right; SNAIL MAIL. This is the mail they send to you once your adsense account reaches $10.00. Mine just did, hence the mail. It...
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