Review: Posting on the move with TBlogger

This article has been posted using TBlogger. TBlogger allows you to post your blogs from your Windows Mobile phone while on the move. This is done using the XML RPC interface with WordPress. How much you can write is only limited by the comfort offered by the keyboard of your mobile device. I use an...
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Camera Shootout: Old Sony VS New Sony

Having migrated to a SLR camera, I have stopped using my Sony S80 point and shoot as much. In fact the last time that I used it was when I was writing a review of the Sony A300 that I bought in December 08. My S80 has served me well for the last 4 years, right up until December 25th 2008. I might still...
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Microsoft to Offer Free Upgrade to Windows 7

The folks over at Tech ARP have reported in an article that Microsoft has just issued a draft of its Windows 7 Technical Guarantee Program. In brief, the program seeks to stop the tendency of computer buyers to postpone purchase because of the impending release of Windows 7. This program will provide...
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Abusive Feedburner Account

For the last few days I have noticed something wierd in my Feedburner account. I have attached a screenshot of this below. Either its a technical glitch or maybe some of the Feedburner employees are not happy about the google take over.  
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My Online History

I have been blogging since 2006. I started on Blogger and remained there till I got bored of blogging. I started again there when Google bought Blogger. I was mostly posting articles on and off for a couple of years before my friend let me use his hosting account to host my own website. So I bought my...
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Google Analytics Custom Reporting

As you may know, you can now design reports by yourself in Google Analytics. These reports are very flexible. However, there is one custom data set that I want it to generate that doesn’t seem to be possible looking at the combination of elements provided in the custom reporting tool. So these...
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Review: Sony DSLR Alpha 300K

*All images in this post link to larger more fun ones Around November last year, I had been on the lookout for a new camera for quite some time. I used to go to the local stores and keep drooling over the really nice DSLRs and carefully examine the point and shoots to see how closely they matched my...
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Internet Goals for 2009

I thought this would be a good time to put my thoughts to the proverbial paper with regards to where I see my internet life going or rather where I would like to see it go. So here is a incomplete and to be updated list of what I want to achieve on the internet this year. Mind you, these, in no way,...
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Review: Photo Batch Editing with Phatch

For those like me who need to work with a lot of images to upload onto blogs or their websites, a batch photo editor is a real boon. There are multiple options available and depending on your appetite for geeky-ness. The one that I use and find the easiest to use is Phatch (Photo Batch). This piece of...
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Review: Minty Freshness with Linux Mint

Ever since I installed Intrepid on the laptop, I felt that everything had slowed down. Maybe it was because it was an online upgrade and not a fresh install. There were also small glitches that kept bugging me. Things like unclean shut downs and startups and losing wifi connection every now and then. So,...
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