Google Maps has Live Traffic Updates for Indian Cities

Google recently updated their Maps application with a couple of major (in my opinion) updates for India. Live traffic data for major cities in India and turn by turn navigation (which is in beta). The traffic data looks really good. Accurate for the areas that I frequent. I do wonder where this data...
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All the usual applications are present in this preview. Which is good!

What I Like in Office 2013 (and what I don’t)

A preview version of Office 2013 came out a few days ago. Being the intrepid beta / preview / alpha / use at your own risk software aficionado, I obviously had to put it on my main (and only) home laptop which is also currently the home for the Windows 8 Release Preview. The Office 2013 Preview come...
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Google Maps VS. iOS6 Maps

I am an extremely heavy maps user. Both for work and for recreation. When it comes to work I need to quickly and accurately look up landmarks to places that I need to go for meetings and on the recreation front I like to see a lot of new places and explore areas of the earth where I am probably not going...
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Capdase Bluetooth Keyboard

Review: Capdase Bluetooth Keyboard

The utility of the iPad as a creation tool goes up drastically with the addition of an external keyboard. The on screen keyboard is very good and typing on it is easy, but not comfortable. This is mainly due to the fact that you are typing on a screen which has no “give”. You are banging...
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Review: Samsung GT-I8350 (Omnia W)

After a lot of research and self convincing, I moved from my Android to Windows Phone 7. My device of choice was the Samsung Omnia W i8350. Why I didn’t pick up one of the Nokia devices was mostly because of the Omnia’s 1.4 ghz processor, the Super AMOLED display and a decent front facing...
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Windows 8 Consumer Preview – Tasks and Windows

Having used the Win 8 Consumer Preview a lot since yesterday, I wanted to quickly touch upon a couple of things that are not very apparent ( not that much is). Windows 8 has a beautiful way of allowing you to work with two windows at the same time. and a much more useful task manager. First, the window...
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Windows 8 Consumer Preview – First Impression

I installed the Windows 8 Consumer preview last night on my Lenovo G550 laptop. Since I have only 1 laptop to play around with, I have put Win 8 on this sole laptop and will be using it as my primary OS till I have to. I have been playing around with this preview for the last few hours and I have to...
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What I want from iOS6 (or the next version)

Hopefully with the release of the new iPad and apple tv in the coming months, we will be treated to an update of iOS as well. I am hoping that Apple can address some of my pet peeves about iOS5 and improve upon some things. I am an iPad user only and do not own an iPhone. My wish list is for the iPad...
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First Impression: Nokia Lumia 800

While waiting for a flight a few days ago, I finally got to play with the new Nokia Lumia 800. This was a phone that was on my list of devices to try. This is just a first impression and I have to say, I am very very impressed with the quality of the hardware. The industrial design is extremely slick....
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iPad Apps: Noteshelf

The iPad has been touted by many as a consumption device. People on the other side of the fence who say that it is a productivity and creation device generally have to go out of their way to make their point. At the end of the day it becomes quite clear that while the iPad may primarily be a consumption...
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