Review: Spice MI 410

I had been using the Samsung Galaxy Spica Android phone for over a year. I decided to try and get rid of the phone and pick up another low to medium cost Android phone to replace the Spica. My primary phone device, thanks to work, is a Blackberry and my primary consumption device in the iPad2. Therefore,...
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Android Apps: Camera360

I have a decent shooter in my current Android phone. It is a 5MP sensor that does the job when required. However, there is definitely something lacking in the software for the camera that comes with the OS by default. It has all the functions, but doesn’t seem to process the captured images in...
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Android Apps: 3G Watchdog

Despite all the scams (which are not in scope of this blog) the telecom companies in India have been kind enough to launch 3G services in India. They have, however, been extremely stingy with bandwidth and launched plans that will penalize you, monetarily, at the slightest hint of rubbing them the wrong...
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RIP: Steve Jobs

Its a sad time when someone like Steve Jobs can only be around for this short a time.
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Get Apps on the Desktop with Pokki

We have all gotten used to apps. We have apps on our phones, on our tablets, on our desktops / laptops and even on our TVs. There is something very comforting in the fact that you are using something designed to do a particular task well. I prefer to use apps even if there is an alternative way to use...
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Use the New Rupee Symbol in Office Applications

The new Rupee symbol was adopted officially by India mid last year. However, it has still not been incorporated into popular office and word processing applications like Office from Microsoft or even in the open source office suites like Libre Office. You still might end up using either INR or Rs. which...
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Mileage Tracker for the iPad

There is a serious lack of powerful and good looking mileage tracking apps for the iPad. A problem which is not faced by it’s sibling, the iPhone. Why this dearth of apps in this category exists is not something I can put my finger on. In an effort to use the iPad as much as possible, it is very...
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How To – Multiple Albums on your iPad

If you have an iPad and sync photos to it with iTunes running on a PC, the following method might be of use to you. After getting the iPad 2, one of the first things that I synced to it were some of my photos. I had selected a few photos from my collection and moved them to a separate folder on my laptop...
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Review: Acer Liquid Mini E310

The Acer Liquid Mini – E310 has been released in India as a low to mid price Android 2.2 device. I was in the market for a capable yet inexpensive Android device for my wife and this phone was what finally caught the wife’s fancy. Having bought a low priced Android device in the past, I had...
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Alternative Browsers for the iPad

Till now I have only been using the built in safari browser on my iPad. It is fast and smooth and works well enough. However, as we all know, it lacks important features that we are all very used to on our desktop browsers. Most importantly, tabs. Until the fall when the iOS5 update comes to us, we have...
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