Interesting Features of Google+

I was lucky enough to get onto Google + right from day one, owing to someone with the same name adding me to one of their +Circles and sending out an update. Since then I have been following the conversations about this product from Google with some interest. While a lot of it is very similar to what...
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iPad Games – SimCity Deluxe

SimCity is one my favourite games of all time. I have always preferred the simulation style games right from the days of Ceasar and all the SimCity titles right from the start. SimCity Deluxe is available for the iPad and there was obviously no question that I had to have it. I was also curious to know...
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iPad Apps – Writings

Since I have got the iPad, I have been trying to do as much as possible on it. It hasn’t been easy. After getting the usual apps up and running on the iPad, like, Twitter, Facebook, various feed readers, I had to seriously start thinking about what else I can do with this thing. A lot of people...
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iPad Apps – MobileRSS

On the iPad there are a lot of apps that you can use to consume news and information. A lot of these apps, like Zite and Flipboard, provide a very nice reading experience from a variety of sources on the basis of topics that you choose. While I really like reading in Zite, Google Reader remains my staple...
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Review – Marware CEO Hybrid case for iPad 2

This is a review of the case that I have recently bought for the iPad 2 which is something I have recently acquired in exchange of moneys. I am not going to be doing a review for the iPad just yet. I am taking down my notes and will be collating then into a post on the iPad in the near future. This is...
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Android Apps – GTasks

Over the years I have used and discarded many note taking / list making apps. Very useful and well made apps like ColorNote, Springpad and others. After having tried them and moved on from them, I have realized that there is only one “app” that I have used through that time till today. Tasks...
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Ubuntu Quick Tip: Swap Thunderbird for Evolution in the Indicator Applet

[dropcap style=”font-size: 50px; color: #5BB9D1;”]IF[/dropcap] you are like me, you prefer using Thunderbird with Lightning for mail and calendar, instead of the relatively slower Evolution in Ubuntu. However, you may miss the tight integration that Evolution has with the Indicator Applet...
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Google Street View Car in Mumbai

There have been reports on and off of the Google Street View cars being seen on Indian roads in the last few months. Being a big fan of Google Maps, I have more or less kept on top of this on the Interwebs. Most of the reports so far have been from up-north, namely Delhi with one person even having shot...
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Android Apps – Thrutu

If you have ever felt the irritation of not being able to do something on your Android phone while you were on a call, you are not alone. For one, the notification bar locks up and cant be used and also basic things like sending a contact to the person on the other end is a longish process. So, it was...
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BlackBerry Apps – PodTrapper

Having recently moved from an Android phone to a BlackBerry as my primary work phone, I thought this would be a good time to look at one of the apps that I find myself using most. The move made it very obvious to me that I was really spoilt when it came to apps on my smart phone. Android had so many...
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