Review: Spice MI 410

I had been using the Samsung Galaxy Spica Android phone for over a year. I decided to try and get rid of the phone and pick up another low to medium cost Android phone to replace the Spica. My primary phone device, thanks to work, is a Blackberry and my primary consumption device in the iPad2. Therefore,...
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Android Apps: Camera360

I have a decent shooter in my current Android phone. It is a 5MP sensor that does the job when required. However, there is definitely something lacking in the software for the camera that comes with the OS by default. It has all the functions, but doesn’t seem to process the captured images in...
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Android Apps: 3G Watchdog

Despite all the scams (which are not in scope of this blog) the telecom companies in India have been kind enough to launch 3G services in India. They have, however, been extremely stingy with bandwidth and launched plans that will penalize you, monetarily, at the slightest hint of rubbing them the wrong...
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Review: Acer Liquid Mini E310

The Acer Liquid Mini – E310 has been released in India as a low to mid price Android 2.2 device. I was in the market for a capable yet inexpensive Android device for my wife and this phone was what finally caught the wife’s fancy. Having bought a low priced Android device in the past, I had...
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Android Apps – GTasks

Over the years I have used and discarded many note taking / list making apps. Very useful and well made apps like ColorNote, Springpad and others. After having tried them and moved on from them, I have realized that there is only one “app” that I have used through that time till today. Tasks...
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Android Apps – Thrutu

If you have ever felt the irritation of not being able to do something on your Android phone while you were on a call, you are not alone. For one, the notification bar locks up and cant be used and also basic things like sending a contact to the person on the other end is a longish process. So, it was...
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Android Apps – Springpad

I used to think that I only needed a simple note taking app on my android phone. A standalone app that would allow me to quickly create text notes and checklists that I could refer to when I needed. I was wrong. What I really needed was Springpad. The app that met my basic requirements was ColorNote....
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Android Apps – Go SMS

Generally I don’t really care about all the bugs that people keep reporting in Android and in all the apps. However, the recent news about the bug in the Android SMS app is one that I decided to take seriously. In brief, the app will send the SMS to the wrong person, a person that you did not intent...
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Android Apps – Google Reader

If there is one web service that is constantly open in my browser, it is Google Reader. Considering that I depend on the feeds in Google Reader for all that is going on in the various worlds of all the topics that I am interested in, Google Reader is always open. The downside to this dependence was that...
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Android Apps – Clockr

Clockr is a widget for the home screen that tell you the time in plain text. It is very elegant and is a departure from the fairly heavy clock and clock + weather widgets that you may find on other home screens. Clockr adds a simple, elegant text clock to your home screen The font can be customized...
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