The Reign of the 7 inch Tablets

It’s finally happening. Common sense and practicality is clearing the fog caused by the introduction of a ground breaking device by Apple in April 2010. The iPad came in only one screen size; 9.7 inches. The device became the mould in which all other tablets began to be made. Then in November 2010,...
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Google Maps VS. iOS6 Maps

I am an extremely heavy maps user. Both for work and for recreation. When it comes to work I need to quickly and accurately look up landmarks to places that I need to go for meetings and on the recreation front I like to see a lot of new places and explore areas of the earth where I am probably not going...
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What I want from iOS6 (or the next version)

Hopefully with the release of the new iPad and apple tv in the coming months, we will be treated to an update of iOS as well. I am hoping that Apple can address some of my pet peeves about iOS5 and improve upon some things. I am an iPad user only and do not own an iPhone. My wish list is for the iPad...
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RIP: Steve Jobs

Its a sad time when someone like Steve Jobs can only be around for this short a time.
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