Gmail Updated for the Better

Gmail has been, without a doubt, Google’s best product till date. It has just gotten better. Google has just updated the interface to be more natural and easier to use. To start with, the frequently used links for Mail, Contacts and Tasks have been moved to the top. This is really useful since...
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5 Years of Not Deleting Emails

April fools day was celebrated by many on-liners by putting up fake posts and articles, attempting to confuse and confound the general weboshpere. A major occasion which was ignored by most, even by the people who are the reason for the occasion, was that on 1st April 2004, Gmail was offered to the general...
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Google Adopts Autopilot Mode for April Fools

The prompt display of new and technologically unimaginable features in Gmail every April Fools day has led me to believe that this is a script that runs automatically on 1st April xxxx and generates a nice html page and graphics to fool us all and be awed by the Google engineer’s amazing ability...
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